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who does not want - is looking for reasons”

S. Żeromski

Mediations and negotiations

LEGAL & TAX - among other complex services - may also handle mediations and negotiationsif ordered by the client or court.

Mediation is one of the alternative methods of solving conflicts that is gaining more and more followers in a modern society. It can be initiated on court order or by individuals, who struggle with finding a perfect solution to their problem while handling labour disputes or business cases.

If one decides to use mediation he needs to look for a conciliator – an independent and impartial person. A conciliator has to be accepted by the both sides of the conflict and his task is not only to explain the mediation rules and seek positive results but also to follow the procedures and ensure security to the conflict sides.

Choosing experienced legal advisors from LEGAL & TAX as your conciliators, who may help to formulate a positive agreementbetween the sides of the conflict, can assure you that the agreement in case of initiating execution proceeding will append the enforcement clause in a common court of law and therefore will be treated as the enforcement order with a writ of execution appended if one of the conflict sides breaches the agreement.

Mediation is a much faster, effective and money –saving way of conflicts’ solving than court proceedings. Due to this we advise our clients to take into consideration initiating mediations before bringing any legal actions.

It is worth remembering mediation advantages:

It’s fair and impartial and so is the conciliator

It’s confidential

The conflict sides control the results

The conflict sides are in pursuit of reaching the agreement

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